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S@R WX Series Head Manual


About the W01X series

The W01X head is a mesh head featuring UV maps optimized for Lelutka EVO X.

Users can wear not only Snow Rabbit's EVO X compatible skins but also BOM skins compatible with EVO X from any shop, providing a wide range of skin options.

Similar to Snow Rabbit's traditional heads, the W01X head comes with numerous makeup layers, allowing customization according to various preferences.

These makeup layers use appliers, enabling third-party skin and makeup creators to create and sell their own appliers.

W01Xヘッドは、Lelutka EVO Xに最適化されたUVマップを採用したメッシュヘッドです。

Snow RabbitのEVO X対応スキンだけでなく、EVO Xに対応したBOMスキンであれば、どのショップのスキンでも装着可能なので、ユーザーは幅広くスキンを選択できるようになりました。またSnow Rabbitの従来のヘッド同様に、多くの化粧レイヤーを持っているため、さまざまな好みに応じた化粧のカスタマイズが可能です。これらの化粧レイヤーはアプライヤー機能を持っており、サードパーティのスキンショップなどが独自のテクスチャーを作成して販売することが可能です。

The compatibility of skins The W01X Head is not compatible with skins previously sold at our store. Skins from Snow Rabbit or other stores are interchangeable, and the skins compatible with this head will display the lel EVO X logo. W01X Head は、当店で以前販売されたスキンとは換性がありません。Snow Rabbitの商品、他店の商品の変わりなく、当ヘッドと互換性のあるスキンは、lel EVO Xのロゴマークが表示されたスキンのみです。

Compatibility of Appliers Regarding appliers such as eyebrow, eyelids, blush, lipstick, eye, etc., there is no compatibility with Lelutka. Appliers compatible with this head will only display the following mark on the product.

eyebrow , eyelids , blush , lipstick , eye 等のアプライアーに関しては、Lelutkaとの互換性はありません。当ヘッドと互換性のあるアプライアーは、下記のマークが表示されたアプライアー商品のみです。

What is an Applier? An "applier" is an item used within Second Life to apply textures that allow individual users to enjoy personalized makeup and appearances on mesh heads and avatars.

These textures are applied to alter features such as eyebrows, eyeshadow, lipstick, as well as skin texture and patterns. By using appliers, users can express their own style and personality, creating unique appearances. Appliers are typically provided in the form of a HUD (Heads-Up Display). 「アプライヤー」とは、Second Life内で使用されるメッシュヘッドやアバターに、


Attention Regarding Attachment

Please remove all BOM layers and tattoo layers that you are currently wearing.

The W01X adheres to mesh head with UV maps optimized for Lelutka EVO X.

If you are wearing skins or tattoo layers with UV maps that are not EVO X compatible, including skins from our past collections,there may be significant display issues with the skins.If you encounter display issues, please check this first.


W01X はのLelutka EVO Xに最適化されたUVマップを採用したメッシュヘッドに準拠しています。

当ショップの過去のスキンも含めてEVO X仕様ではないUV map用のスキンやタトゥーレイヤーを装着している場合、スキンの表示に大きな問題が出る可能性があります。あなたの表示に問題がある場合まず最初にこれを確認してください。 Package Contents ・S@R W01X Head

・S@R W01X Setting HUD

・S@R W01X Animation HUD

・S@R HW01 Tears

・S@R W01X Face Light

・S@R W01X Hair Base

・Facial expression gestures

・Recommended environment ************************************ Setting HUD ************************************

The HUD is divided into the following three areas

1. Link Area

The gear icon is used to select the setting tab.

In the settings screen, you can perform tasks such as initializing the head and deleting scripts.

2. Part Selection Area

When you select the desired makeup parts, all the functions available for the selected parts will be displayed in the control area.

3.Control Area

   You can make various settings for each makeup layer or part individually. HUDは下記の3つのエリアに分かれています。









● ON/OFF Button

  It toggles the display/visibility of makeup layers or parts. 化粧レイヤーや部位の表示/非表示を切り替えます。

 Texture Selection Button

  Switches and displays pre-registered makeup textures on the head.   あらかじめヘッドに登録されている化粧テクスチャーを切り替え表示します。

●TINT (Coloring) Function

  When registering colors in the six color saving slots, please hold down

  the left click.


● Switching between BOM Eyes and Applier Eyes (Eyes tab)

  BOM Eyes are commonly used, while Applier Eyes offer compatibility with eyes of   different colors for each side.

  Eyes TabにあるBOM EyesとApplier Eyesの切り替えボタンです。BOM Eyesは一般的に使用され

  ますが、Applier Eyesは左右それぞれの異なる色の目に対応しています。

● Elf Ear Animation (Ears tab)

  The ear animation selection button is available only when elf ears are selected.   エルフ耳を選択した場合のみ、耳のアニメーション選択ボタンが使用可能になります。

● Eyebrow Editing Function

  From the HUD, you can adjust the position, angle, and size of the eyebrows.

Additionally, you can also use the standard eyebrow editing features provided by Second Life's system. By combining these options, you can achieve highly

customizable eyebrow editing.


さらにSecond Lifeのシステムに標準で準備されている眉毛の編集も併用できます。


● Editing Tears Object The tears object is a separate attachment object. Furthermore, it is not a part of the rig object, so it does not follow shape editing. When you edit the shape of the head, you will need to manually align the tears object to the face surface.

On Windows, you can temporarily visualize transparent objects by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T simultaneously. This will assist you in editing your tears.






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